Van Versatile 17 en 72 naar Quest 224

Lighting system falls short

After commuting for some time during the dark mornings and evenings, I find that the lighting on the front of the Versatile falls short. When there are streetlights, I can naturally see everything around me well enough, but whenever these are lacking, my view of the road surface ahead of me doesn’t allow enough time to react to irregularities. On the way to work, I ride one section of road that is unlighted, and where there are drain covers here and there for the drainage system. I try to avoid these, since they are lower than the road surface, but that often doesn’t work. In this area, the edge of the road is not always easy for me to see, and at times, because of this, one of my front wheels has gone onto the shoulder. The headlight beam ought to extend further forward and to the sides. The lighting is better than in the Limit that I used to have, but it is certainly not optimal.

The Mango showed up twice in the past week: on Tuesday, we saw it when we were out in the car between Woerden and Linschoten, and last Thursday, my girlfriend saw it on the road in Woerden. In the meantime, I’ve heard that there is also a white Quest riding around in the area of Linschoten.


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