Van Versatile 17 en 72 naar Quest 224

Brick on the bikepath

Tuesday morning on my way to work, I suddenly saw a large brick lying on the bike path in front of me. It was too late to brake, so I had to steer around it. I barely managed to avoid hitting it. I was afraid
that I would tip over, but the Versatile remained steady. I was shocked and angry, and I realized later that I should actually have stopped and taken the brick off the bike path. When I rode back in the evening, it had been moved by someone else.

In retrospect, it was good that I hadn’t tried to brake, since that hasn’t been as effective as it used to be. With a firm squeeze on both brake levers, it seemed to me that my braking distance was too long. In checking the brakes, it appeared that the left brake was working well but with the right brake, I could turn the wheel with one hand while squeezing the brake lever firmly with the other hand. At first, I thought that the cable was almost broken, but this appeared (luckily) not to be the case. I removed the black cap from the brake lever to see whether everything was still firmly attached, and took up the slack in the brake cable behind the front wheel; now the Versatile is braking very well again.

Last week, I checked, cleaned and adjusted the speedometer, which has been malfunctioning for a while. It is not yet clear to me how well it is working now, because I can’t see it very well in the dark.

A tip that I got from Hans Schreuder works well: at my work I put the Versatile right up against a lamppost and pull the cable around the vertical frame tube behind the seat and through the entry to the outside and then secure it around the lamppost. The cable is just long enough for this. This works better than putting a cable through the rear wheel.


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