Van Versatile 17 en 72 naar Quest 224

Versatile ready for 2006

I have moved the seat a bit further forward on the Versatile, and I have the feeling that it’s a better position. Exactly what was causing the pain isn’t really clear to me, but I was probably riding with the seat too far back. For the past week in any case, I’ve had no trouble with saddle pain.

From a friend, I have gotten a control set for a 12 volt battery. This is provided with three LED-indicator lights (Green: full charge; Red: nearly empty; Yellow:overcharged). The “Bordspannungs-xdcberwachung” as a kit (including manual) can be ordered from Conrad.

I have adjusted the left headlight upwards a little and the right one a little further to the outside. This has improved the visibility to the front and to the right side, but it is still not quite optimal. As long as I am not riding too fast on an unlighted path, I can react in time to unevenness in the road surface.


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