Van Versatile 17 en 72 naar Quest 224

Bicycle ride to Schoonhoven

Last week the odometer on the Versatile stopped working for the third
time. I’m going to try one more time to repair it, but if that doesn’t
work, I’ll buy a new one.

Today it was rainy and a little bit foggy. I got out the bike map and
outlined a short bike route via Oudewater to Schoonhoven. From
Woerden, I cycled in the direction of Linschoten. Just after the turn
toward Oudewater, something was amiss already; I had taken a wrong
turn and the place where I realized that appeared to be a (long)
driveway for a huge manor house. Near the manorhouse, I turned around
and found the right way to Oudewater. After Oudewater, I biked via
Hekendorp, Haastrecht and De Vlist in the direction of Schoonhoven.
The majority of the route consists of twisting narrow roads along the
water. It is fun cycling, especially since there is very little other
traffic on the road today, so you aren’t constantly having to slow
down. From Schoonhoven, a bike path runs via Cabauw to Lopik; in some
places it is so narrow that the Versatile barely fits. Just beyond
Lopik and Jaarsveld, I headed off to the left in the direction of
Benschop. This path runs via Montfoort and Linschoten to Woerden, and
here a lovely wide bike path runs along, where I can make some speed.
Sometimes I’m not quite sure whether I have made the right turn and
stop to ask a walker whether I’m going the right way. The answer is
most often accompanied by a a remark or a question about the
Versatile. It is nice that people are so interested in the velomobile.


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