Van Versatile 17 en 72 naar Quest 224

Space and parking problems

A velomobile naturally requires less space than a car, but if you are used to a bicycle, and then you have to find room for a velomobile or you want to park a velomobile somewhere, it can seem in some respects relatively inconvenient.

First of all, the Versatile takes a lot of space of our shed, and it just barely fits through the doorway (the doorposts have been covered to prevent damage). Furthermore, in the evenings, I routinely have trouble maneuvering the Versatile between the cars in the parking lot to get out (in the mornings I don’t have this problem because I start early; the parking lot is nearly empty then). Also when there is a traffic jam in the industrial park because the cars can’t all enter the highway at the same time, I’m stuck there with the Versatile (too little room to pass on the right and too dangerous to pass on the left because of oncoming traffic).

If I want to run some errands on the way home, I can only do that if I’ve ridden my bike. I don’t dare leave the Versatile parked at the shopping center because of all the interest (especially from children). Everybody wants to touch the velomobile and look inside it. The only way I can prevent this is to stay with the Versatile.

Naturally, these are luxury problems, and I still always take great pleasure in going out on the path with my Versatile, but there are some things that I have to take into consideration now and then.


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