Van Versatile 17 en 72 naar Quest 224

Bike Maintenance

Today I’ve been busy with bike maintenance. My girlfriend’s bike’s chain was so stretched that it was practically dragging on the ground. I was planning to just replace it on the run, but in the end I spent almost the whole afternoon on it. This is an old bike that my girlfriend uses for her daily rides to the station; the bolts that hold the chain-guard on were rusted tight, and some of them snapped off when I unscrewed them. But finally everything was back in good condition, with the new chain in place. I also lubricated the chain on my Koga Miyata and cleaned the derailleurs thoroughly.

I didn’t have much time left to spend on the Versatile, but I did manage to clean it and repair the hand brake. I removed the rod that holds the little red cap and tightened up the little cap with a bolt and some washers; the handbrake is working well again.


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